A recognition to my brother, J.A. Bayona

I do not usually talk about my brother J.A. Bayona but after seeing Jurassic World,  Fallen Kingdom and still appalled by the images that are projected in it, I would like to express my deepest appreciation of his work and his entire career up to now.

His previous films are exceptional and already show what he is capable of in the biggest screen, which is a lot. In them he already enters his deepest fantasies and comes back to show them to us in a language full of beauty and sensitivity. However, in Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom there is absolutely no doubt that behind that image of a reserved person hides the soul of an artist, his great sensitivity and the great person he is and that he shares with his brother Carlos and sister Eva, my other two siblings. A sensitivity that sometimes overflows and makes you want to protect yourself behind a protective shell not to be overcome by emotion.

My brother Jota, as everyone calls him, carries in his veins the art of my father, an impressionist painter not yet known or recognized by the general public but well appreciated by those who have seen his works. From him he has the genius and his  tenacious and persevering character. I still remember him when, with no age to go to the movies alone, he insisted on me to accompany him. He was so persistent and did not leave you alone until you gave up and went with him to see the last premiere.

Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom  is a thrilling and beautiful film that leaves no doubt about what everyone already thinks in the mecca of cinema: here is a unique voice, a J.A. Bayona style, a genuine sensitivity. For me this movie is a work of art, some of the scenes are true paintings, small works of art with winks to Tim Burton and other of his favorite directors. Which is not surprising, because although he has chosen to express himself through films, Juan Antonio is as good a painter as his father. I remember him as a teenager at the door of the house, making instant drawings of superhéroes for the children of the street. But above all, in my humble opinion, this film is a tribute made from the deepest affection to one of his favorite directors: Steven Spielberg. During the movie you sometimes feel inside any of the of Indiana Jones deliveries, other times he evokes the work done with children in ET and at others times he makes you go back to his own previous work such as The Orphanage or A Monster calls. And in spite of everything this film is unique, extraordinary, I will have to see it many more times in order to savor all the sublime scenes that are in it.

If I had to highlight the most unique of J.A. Bayona as a filmmaker it would be his ability to convey emotions. It is filmmaking what allows him to express himself emotionally, I know it well because I have chosen writing as a creative tool for the same reason and in that we are very similar. Without a creative tool it is much more difficult for us to express what we carry inside. Behind an image of apparent distance J.A. hides an exquisite sensibility and an overflowing imagination, in addition to being someone very humanitarian and fond of justice. Despite being my little brother he has taught me many things, not all of them easy to swallow. He has taught me not to believe in absolutes and to dream but with my feet well on the ground, but above all he has taught me to be humble. I only know one person with those same traits of justice,  humanity and modesty: his twin brother, my brother Carlos.

As I watched him grow I could recognise that it was not normal at all for a seven-year-old boy to spend his time listening to soundtracks, later he made his first steps shooting small horror movies on video with his twin brother that made the whole family burst with laughter, then he made music videos in which the whole family had to participate as extras because of the lack of budget. Further ahead he had to fight and work tirelessly until finally he could make the films that he really wanted. Despite all that I believe that even those of us who are closer to him can still not believe the extraordinary career that is making, the fact that the greatest Hollywood directors and actors are dying to work with him. It’s hard to believe that your little brother is a movie genius but he is. And I think that with this last film it is sufficiently demonstrated. J.A. Bayona is great as a filmmaker, that has already been recognized out there. But I also want to express my admiration to him as a person,  behind a mask of shyness or coldness there is a human being full of love to give. Congratulations, brother. I love you so much.

Maite Bayona






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